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French Butter Dishes


Sometimes called  a French Butter Keeper or a French Butter Crock.

French Butter Dishes allows you to store your butter out of the fridge and yet it remains fresh. It does this by creating an "air tight" seal. You pack butter in the lid (designed to hold a quarter pound or one stick) and you place about an inch and half of water in the base. Invert the lid submersing the butter in the water and creating the seal. The butter does not mix (oil and water) but remains fresh and SOFT for easy spreading.

Oxidation is what causes butter to go bad and it can't oxidize while under water, prior to refrigeration it was common knowledge that butter was best kept under water much like it is common knowledge that when you peel potatoes or apples they will turn brown (oxidation) unless you put them under water.  

visual instructions for filling a french butter dish


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