Hand thrown original design pottery

Michael Sowers –potter

I first began making pottery in 1971 in a high school art class in Casper Wyoming. We had a wheel but the instructor did not know how to throw . I took it on myself to learn and checked out several books on the subject from the library. By reading the books and trying to read between the lines I was able to teach myself to center and throw. I made several items that first semester (the last semester of my senior year) including a fully functional teapot, got my picture in the paper and a small cash scholarship. It wasn’t until after that I first saw someone else throwing on the wheel. I began college as a pre-med student but spent all of my time in the pottery studio, after two quarters I dropped out and went into the service until I could decide which direction I wanted to go and to get the GI bill to pay for it.

To make a long story short, I received a BFA in ceramics from NAU (Northern Arizona University) in 1979. I have always made very functional pottery with emphasis on ease of use and I have always fired at high stoneware temperatures. I have built several kilns over the years and have always made all of my own glazes.

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