Hand thrown original design pottery

Michael Sowers –potter

I first began making pottery in 1970 and after 50 years I still get excited when opening the glaze kiln. There is a relationship with pottery when you use it that you don't get from most material things. You can see and feel the presence of the maker and it connects you to a long history of the makers role in society. In this day and age it is harder to feel connected to our fellow humans with the sterility of mass produced items never touched by human hands. My love of pottery and the processes involved shows in m work, each piece is designed with the end user in mind. Functionality and ergonomics go into every thing I design and make. My experience tells me that no matter what something looks like if it is not comfortable and pleasing to hold you will not use it. The true beauty of handmade pottery is in the use and comfort it gives.

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